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The vain pursuit of being a social media influencer

I imagine chasing the pursuit of being an influencer or building an enviable personal brand is like a dog chasing cars.

It gives you something to do, fills you with an adrenaline rush, and makes you feel like an alpha in the moment.

But when the car stops and your chase comes to an end, it leaves you with a crushing sense of emptiness. You have no idea why you started the pursuit in the first place.

And suddenly, the car that you were chasing feels scary.

The pursuit of being an influencer or building a personal brand is often fueled by the desire for validation and recognition from others—but it's a never-ending chase. There is always someone with more followers, more likes, or more engagement. This constant comparison leads to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction.

The hype around personal branding and influencer culture creates pressure to present a curated and perfect image to the world—which is emotionally taxing. It also leads to a lack of authenticity and genuine connection with others.

Weigh on your actual motivations behind being an influencer or building a personal brand so that you also recognize the potential downsides. Find a balance—and don't let the drive of external validation consume you.

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