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Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction

fiction vs. non-fiction

Fiction and non-fiction are both a form of content, but their functionalities differ massively.

A work of fiction is great when I can’t stop turning its pages. Non-fiction is great when it compels me to stop, think, and maybe take action.

Time flies when reading a great fiction book; time stops when you are reading great non-fiction.

A well-written fiction gives you pleasure; well-thought-out non-fiction lends you new perspectives.

Great fiction hits you like a drug and makes you crave more dopamine hits. The entertainment value of fiction diminishes over time.

Great non-fiction hits you like a truck and leads you to new epiphanies. Its value doesn’t deplete as fast—you can come back to read it again and again.

Of course, these are not mutually exclusive; but I think it’s generally the norm.

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