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Good colleagues help you grow

Having good coworkers is perhaps the most overlooked perk in our work lives.

We spend roughly 40-50 hours every week at work, and even if we suppose we spend ¼ of that time with colleagues, that’s a lot.

When I remember all the places I have worked in the past, I don’t miss the swanky office space, the free food, or the extravagant office parties. My fondest memories are of the people I worked closely with and bonded with on a personal level.

Good colleagues stir your intellectual curiosity, challenge your assumptions, and help you grow along with them. The 5 Chimps Theory supports this thesis.

We learn more from our work buddies than our managers or CEOs because of the lack of a hierarchical wall and the sheer amount of time we spend with them.

Surround yourself with good colleagues and value such peer relations. They often expand over to your social networks and enrich your life.


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