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Fluffy writing has its place

There’s definitely a place for fluff in marketing. I realized this recently when shopping for a nice restaurant to take my family to.

Take a look at some of these elaborate food descriptions I came across:

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in the creamy goodness of ginger & garlic, spiced with freshly pounded coriander powder & peppercorns, chargrilled with beaten egg yolk
Grilled Tuscan bread spread with virgin olive oil, topped with flavorful Ceci con Rosmarino & dried Peperoncino Rosso
Finest imported soft cheese gently melted over toasted bread with sauteed mushrooms & Italian white truffle oil
Tender insides of banana flowers chopped, boiled, and mixed with herbs, spices & mashed potato, breaded & fried. Served with ruby beetroot dip
Kaffir leaf flavored vegetable & glass noodles dumpling topped with crispy pearl onions, burnt garlic & soya sauce

If you're like me, you're either drooling with imagination or eager to grab an early lunch/dinner because now you're suddenly hungry.

That’s because copywriting creates a mental experience in our heads and makes us crave those things in the real world.

Fluff might not always work, but it's powerful when you want to promise an upscale product experience.

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