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A different way to hire new recruits

I have a very personal, potentially left-field, take on improving the hiring process in any company.

Recruits often have to jump through multiple hoops of talking to HR personnel, reporting managers, and (in many cases) CEOs to secure a job.

While this process is good, I think it overlooks a critical set of stakeholders in the process—the team members.

Besides a few exceptions, I have never seen individuals in a team involved in interviewing a prospect. The most they get to participate in is being informed by their manager that there will soon be someone new joining their team for a so-and-so position.

But these are the people who will work with the recruit closely for the most part of their jobs.

Who the company hires has a direct impact on this group’s subculture and their performance—a bigger impact than it will ever have on the manager, HR, or the rest of the company.

Why not add communal hiring in the fray?

You know...let team members talk to a potential recruit as part of the hiring process. That way, everybody is equally accountable in building a team/company while the new recruit has a more genuine picture of what kind of team s/he will be working with.

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