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Live life, Steve Irwin-size

I grew up watching Steve Irwin on TV dodging crocodiles and snake bites. Like millions of people around the world, I didn’t know him personally. But this video made me teary-eyed.

It makes you realize that Steve’s death was a colossal loss for people who admired him. He wasn’t just a TV performer like a lot of his counterparts who garner views by staging daredevil acts in the wilderness.

For that matter, he wasn’t just another wildlife expert.

He was a loving husband and a great father. His legacy inspired his kids to choose the same career path and made them run up his mission.

He had balls of titanium, a heart of gold, and a great sense of Aussie humor everyone could relate to.

His work ethic was unquestionable—as evident in this video. Maybe he too reported to some high-headed TV producer or a manager just like us plebs. But I don’t think he did what he did because he was assigned to do it.

He was out there on his own because he had found his calling. And he was relentless about it. So relentless, he died doing what he loved.

I’m not saying we should let work kill us, but I wish we all had the same kind of passion that Steve had for his loved ones, his profession, and the world around him.

That’s a life lived to the fullest.

We miss you, King!


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