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One of the greatest in content marketing

“Searching for Salaì” is probably the best marketing campaign I’ve ever come across in recent times. It’s a 9-part podcast series from SAP to market one of its business intelligence software—Leonardo.

It’s an imaginary tale of a time traveler, Andrea Salaì—Leonardo da Vinci’s real-life mentee for over 25 years. The podcast is a beautiful mesh of renaissance art, history, romance, comedy, mystery, investigative journalism, and technology.

However, it’s everything but a marketing push for any of SAP's software. From a business perspective, it advocates the emergence of the Digital Renaissance in today’s age — and that’s about it. For the most part, it’s an un-plug-downable story experience from an unsuspecting (I would go as far as saying "boring") enterprise software company in partnership with Column Five media.

I am mind-blown by the ingenuity that was put into creating this podcast and I highly, highly, highly recommend everyone to give it a listen. Here's a more detailed article on it.

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