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Crack the Sales Code with These 5 Sales Pitch Examples

All the sales pitch examples that we are going to go through in this post prove one thing—words have immense power.

The right combination of words at the right time can change the world for the right audience.

That’s how people fall in love, children learn new things, religions spread, revolutions start, and genocides happen.

Words possess the power to steer the continent for good or bad, and the best sales pitch examples epitomize just that.

What’s a sales pitch anyway?

A sales pitch is not just about a guy in grey suit waxing eloquent about a product to you in captivating prose.

It’s not just about the cold calls you receive from a random call center employee who you hang up on before they can even complete their sentences.

Selling is all about advocating an idea to a relevant audience in order to get them to believe in it.

Sales pitches are omnipresent and inescapable in the business world.

You are constantly pitching ideas to your customers all the time through your blogs, social media posts, webinars, landing pages, emails, and event meetups.

In his book, To Sell Is Human, Daniel H. Pink states:

The purpose of a pitch isn’t necessarily to move others immediately to adopt your idea. The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you.

That’s the thing about pitching—the greatest ones aren’t sales-y at all.

They are human and can shift people’s realities.

Ingredients of a powerful sales pitch

The success of a sales pitch is a combined effect of a few important elements.

A sales pitch is a hit when it stokes the curiosity of an audience, connects with them on a personal level, and offers solutions to their problems.

In brief, a great sales pitch should be able to:

  • Intrigue

Your sales pitch should hook your audience from the get-go. It has to make them question their past assumptions.

It can be a suspenseful question or a tantalizing statement that gets your audience to open their doors and invite you for more conversations.

  • Involve

People react to different hooks differently; the key is to make your sales pitch centered around your audience.

A pitch is never about your product, your pricing, or you—the salesperson.

It’s about antagonizing the problems your audience is facing and making them the hero of the story.

  • Inspire

A pitch opens with a hook and ends with an anchoring belief that they can overcome the problems in front of them—of course, with the help of the solution you are selling.

It’s your opportunity to make the ask, inspire them to take action, exchange phone numbers and business cards, or book a schedule on their calendar.

The best sales pitch examples

In today’s digital world, it’s impossible to deliver a sales pitch to each and every individual audience in person.

Except for when you are meeting people in business events, the words that you put out there on the digital screen is the only way left for you to pitch your ideas to your customers.

Therefore, most of the sales pitch examples discussed below exhibit how to perfectly word your pitch for the digital audience.

1. Email sales pitch example

Cold emails are often a result of a marketing campaign that you might have run or some previous instance that led you to discover a prospect’s fit for the pitch.

Here are a few tips on how to sharpen your email sales pitch:

Build connection: Be as personalized as possible. It shows that you have done your homework before you reached out to them.

Spell out your prospects’ names and praise their recent accomplishments, if you know about it.

Everybody likes being complimented, especially if it’s specific to them.

Pick the universally true problem that your product solves and relate it to them. Aggravate their emotions against it and plug your solution into it.

Craft intriguing subject line: The formula for great cold emails looks something like this: suspense+relevance+product plug.

The suspense and relevance elements should play out really well in your subject lines.

They are like good pick up lines that will make prospects wonder, smile, or go “wow, I have to read this.”

Your email sales pitch is a fail if your subject line is vapid, just like bad pick up lines that turn people off while the goal is just the contrary.

Let the email body do the talking: Then comes your body copy, which should offer a good mix of relevance and solution that you are offering.

Don’t try to hide the fact that you are trying to sell, but be nonchalant about your sales.

If you are communicating the true value your products offer, prospects will look beyond the fact that it’s a sales pitch.

Here’s one of the more successful pitch templates that we at Freshchat have used in the past.

Out of the 80 prospects, we contacted using this template, 60% of people opened the emails, 8.8% clicked on the links included in the email body, and 17.5% people responded.

If you need more inspiration, here are 7 effective sales email templates to get you primed up.

2. Live chat sales pitch example

Live chat doesn’t always factor in the traditional mix of channels to deliver a sales pitch.

But why not exploit live chat for sales if it works?

You can create amazing sales campaigns on live chat and absolutely kill it.

That’s exactly what push notifications and text messages are doing anyways when you employ these channels to attract people to your website.

When executed well, sales through live chat campaigns can be the most effective for your brand.

It’s real-time, contextual, and might not take multiple touches to make a sale.

In fact, live chat has the shortest sales cycle compared to emails and phones.

Live chat also offers instant high-touch interactions when required, so that you can control a sales interaction from prolonging indefinitely.

3. Pitch deck sales pitch example

The use of pitch decks for sales pitch works great as a follow-up technique to previous sales touches such as a phone or email conversations or after you build a rapport with prospects at an event.

Since a pitch deck usually trails a previous interaction, it’s best to make your decks more personalized and in-depth in nature.

Pitch decks are aesthetically designed to give the pitch a competitive edge and offer a high-touch customer experience.

However, you don’t have to be a Piccaso or hire a star illustrator to design your pitch deck. You can use free tools like Piktochart and Canva to deliver a visually-appealing story about your product or brand.

And since we are in the context of design as a sales tool, who else can exemplify the best kind of pitch deck than AirBnB—a company that leveraged design as its USP to disrupt the conventional travel and hospitality industry?

4. Phone sales pitch example

It’s much harder to hook a prospect with a sales pitch over the phone because you don’t have a lot of contexts.

You can’t read their body language, and it’s easier for prospects to dismiss you as just another annoying sales call.

But it’s not entirely impossible to deliver an effective sales pitch over the phone.

To make your sales pitch over the phone a success, you have to introduce yourself, announce the reason for your call, ask your prospects if they have time to go through the call, and use silence to your advantage.

Never sound scripted; the key to delivering great cold call opening lines is to sound genuine to your audience and connect with them on a personal level.

On phone, you only have the advantage of your voice, and tonality to exchange emotion—make them count.

You can rehearse the ideas that you want to talk about to your prospects a hundred times over in your head, but don’t let it be a mechanical rote.

Have fun with it. Realize that you might not succeed selling to all the 15 prospects you call in a day, but make sure you enjoy those conversations regardless of the outcome.

Here is what Morgan J Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training, had to say about delivering great sales pitch over the phone:

5. Event sales pitch example

Business conferences offer some of the biggest opportunities for you to network with the right people in the market and pitch your solutions to the right audience.

In-person sales pitch works better than other forms of pitching because there is no digital curtain between you and your prospects.

Research says that 60% of all human communication is non-verbal. Therefore,  you have the luxury of using your body English to your advantage when meeting with prospects at events.

In-person sales pitch also demands that you are skilled at instant rapport-building during face-to-face interactions.

It’s best to prepare an elevator pitch to get your prospects’ interests instead of delivering a boring monologue that can turn them off.

You have to be outstandingly personable to your prospects, offer instant gratification, and leave them something to come back for more.

That’s why a lot of brands who participate in their industry events give away free swag, offer food and beverages to attract more attendees to their kiosks, install cash grab booths, and so on.

When you pitch well at events, there’s nothing like it. We know because we pulled it off nicely and got a 90% response rate.

That success further led to a high conversion ratio. All we did was we offered personalized interactions, created a sense of “wow,” and followed up diligently.

The best sales pitches are great conversations that lead to future engagement opportunities.

Encourage your prospects to ask questions and give them memorable experiences that they can take home with them.

Make your sales pitch-perfect

Selling is hard and pitching requires practice.

It demands that you experiment with several templates with numerous prospects and refine your content.

You don’t necessarily have to possess a gift of gab to pitch to prospects successfully, but you should have a genuine interest in conversing with strangers who will benefit from the idea you are selling.

Take inspiration from the sales pitch examples discussed above and apply the tips in your sales pitch to befriend prospects.

Perfect your art of delivering stellar sales pitch by taking examples from your everyday life when you come across people who engross you in genuine conversations.

Selling is not an agenda; it’s an opportunity for you to help other people see the sunrise from the vista you are standing on.


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