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How to break out of your mold

We need to break the myth about hanging out with like-minded people. It's equally important to connect with unlike-minded people in our everyday lives.

Unlike-minded people are individuals or groups you don’t agree with. On most occasions, you run into unexpected, heated debates with them. They vehemently disagree with you on almost all issues. And you know they too hate your guts.

“Why can’t they just see this the way I see it?” you wonder.

Like-minded people are extensions of your hive-minded thinking. They don’t teach you anything new; they agree to everything you say — and the other way around. They don’t challenge your assumptions. The yes-men and women make you complacent. You enjoy their company and vice versa because it’s a cozy echo chamber you don’t want to step out from.

But when you channel it right, interacting with unlike-minded people will exercise your thinking muscles. They call you out on your B.S. and vice versa. They shine a light on the dark side of your brain you never know existed. They'll introduce you to a new food for thought that you didn’t know existed. They help you expand your understanding of the world.

Steelman your worldview. Get out of your herd mentality and make it a point to seek the company of unlike-minded people.

How to break out of your mold
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