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A bad carpenter blames his tool

Everything is useful if you know how to channel it right. Social media is a beautiful place if you know how to navigate its waters.

Our social media feed is toxic when it’s full of people’s narcissism. Facebook and Instagram encourage people to showcase the highlight reels of their lives and display their inflated hubris. Spending time on these platforms makes you feel miserable because you compare yourself with the best versions of other people.

My favorite online watering holes are Reddit and Twitter since these platforms encourage the discussion of ideas, not people. I don’t know the majority of people (at least, not personally) I follow on Twitter or interact with on Reddit. They are nameless, faceless sources of ideas for me.

Of course, the ugly side of anonymity rears its head from time to time in the form of online bullying, witch hunt, and trolling. But in general, I love it when social interactions are about “hey, let’s look at this great idea” instead of “hey, look how great I look” narcissism.

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